The Sensel Morph and Overlays

Took the Morph (a cutting edge pressure sensitive device) and the Overlays (swappable silicone rubber interfaces) from concept to market.

Owned 90% of the non-EE BOM of the Morph and 90% of the Overlays from design, quality, supply chain, supplier management,reliability, and manufacturing.

Designed for machining, compression molding, lamination, converting, magnets, packaging, conductive inks, multi-substrate stack-ups, screen printing, paper pulp molding, sheet thermoforming, cable manufacturing, and assembly. Working knowledge of injection molding, die casting, stamping, soft goods, PCB fab, and SMT.

7 China visits, 30+ FAIs, 22 factory evaluations, tolerance stack-ups, intermediate GD&T, owned our product structure and PLM (Arena), wrote 5 cosmetic specs and our reliability testing profiles.

Co-owned our CM relationship and handled quality, schedule, product cost structure, and FATP instructions. Managed our ocean freight, and have developed a healthy hate for customs of every country.

9 design patents, 1 technical patent.

Learned all this with the guidance and mentorship of consultants, my existing mentors, new found Senior ME buds, and a lot of hustle.