The Sensel Morph and Overlays

Began shipping February 2017.

Took the Morph (a cutting edge pressure sensitive device) and the Overlays (swappable silicone rubber interfaces) from concept to market.

Owned 90% of the non-EE BOM of the Morph and 90% of the Overlays from design, quality, supply chain, supplier management, reliability, and manufacturing.

Designed production parts for machining, compression molding, injection molding, lamination, converting, magnets, packaging, conductive inks, multi-substrate stack-ups, screen printing, sheet thermoforming, cable manufacturing, and FATP. Working knowledge of die casting, stamping, soft goods, PCB (schematics, layout, fab, and SMT).

10 China visits, 30+ FAIs, 40+ factory evaluations, tolerance stack-ups, intermediate GD&T, owned our BOM and PLM (Arena), wrote 7 cosmetic specs and various reliability testing profiles.

Co-owned our CM relationship and handled quality, schedule, product cost structure, ECOs, and FATP instructions. Managed our ocean freight, and have developed a healthy hate for customs of every country.

Past the first year with Sensel, I have been a technical liaison with many of the large OEMs as we continue to work toward various integrations. As our team grew, I lost a couple hats but deepened many of the technical verticals I created during the Morph.

9 design patents, 2 technical patents.

Learned all this with the guidance and mentorship of consultants, my existing mentors, new found Senior ME buds, and a lot of hustle.