During the summer of my freshman year in college, my mother unexpectedly passed away. I took only a week off, putting school and my sport ahead of myself: I had too many swim sets and problem sets to do!

Spoiler alert: that was a stupid idea. Eventually, during the summer before senior year, I deliberately went home for three months in hopes that I could get a little better. Odyssey, and the healthier person I am today, are the results of that decision.

Constructed out of scrap bike parts and scrap steel, Odyssey is a kinetic fountain that utilizes the force of pumped water to power a series of simple mechanisms, culminating in the rotation of a non-functional fan. The time I spent working on Odyssey in my dad's garage, welding with my uncle's old oxy-acetylene rig, was an inexplicably powerful journey. It dramatically affected my worldview, motivation, and happiness.

I don't have an artsy conceptual blurb on this piece: I made it out of scrap because it was inexpensive, and I built it because I needed to.