TMP Module

Available physics educational tools are prohibitively expensive, which is why a sizable portion of physics teachers end up building their own out of 2' x 4's in their garage. The current PASCO variant of the TMP costs ~$270 and, considering some public school physics teachers in California have an annual budget of $200, these tools are just not economically accessible. Enter the Two Masses and Pulley module.

The TMP Module is an inexpensive, open-source educational tool for high school physics classrooms that covers 4 principles in depth: Inclined Planes, Friction, Pulleys, Weight Misconception; and 2 others in not as much depth: Tension and Newton’s Second Law. It can be utilized as a front of class demonstration or in small student groups. The current prototype (not depicted in the video) costs ~$1.50 in material and 30 minutes on a laser cutter and, because it is open-source, teachers with access to laser cutters can cut out their very own for free.

The TMP is currently in over 40 different schools.

The TMP Module was designed with assistance from the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab. The latest design files and an activity guide that elaborates on the pedagogy for the TMP Module can be downloaded here.