Wave Machine

The current PASCO variant of the Bell Labs Wave machine costs ~$780 and, considering some public school physics teachers in California have an annual budget of $200, these tools are just not economically accessible.

Similar to the TMP Module, I designed the wave machine as a low cost, open source alternative. The current prototype costs $10 in plywood, $5 for the polybutrate 90°-channel I utilized as an axle, and ~2 hours on the laser cutter.

I did a ton of work testing different materials for axles- trying to determine the correct amount of rigidity that would allow a stable axle but also transmit motion.

The Wave Machine was designed during my time with the TLTL. The latest design files for the Wave Machine can be downloaded here.

Original base prototype is the work of Engin Bumbacher, Nancy Otero, and Amit Deutsch.